Our heritage was created 10,000 years ago.
We’re making sure it lasts at least 10,000 more.

Have you decided to be part of the solution? Sign the High Coast Promise now! Together we’ll protect the natural surroundings and encourage others to do the same.

to start

Leave beauty in your footsteps,
beautiful like you found it.

I promise
to take my rubbish away
with me or dispose of it in
the dedicated places.

Let wilderness be a spring,
from which to draw with gentle care.

I promise
to keep the clean water clean
and not break branches or
remove bark from living trees.

See the earth smile beneath your feet,
sharing in your happiness.

I promise
not to make fires directly on, or
immediately next to, rock surfaces
or large boulders, and to respect
any bans on lighting fires.

Feed your heart with nature’s flow,
following trails of respect.

I promise
to take beautiful selfies without risking
my own or others’ lives, and to only
park in the designated places.

Let the right to freely roam be your
right, to neither disturb nor destroy.

I promise
to enjoy the nature while
also respecting the Right of
Public Access and its restrictions.

Let the unique and local
provide memories that last.

I promise
to act consciously
with responsibility
for future generations.

Let the warmth of the campfire
reach more people.

I promise
to be curious about the place
and share the heritage and stories
with those I meet on my path.

Thank you!

We warmly welcome you to join us in preserving the beauty and heritage of the High Coast! We promise you many future campfire experiences in the most beautiful of locations. 

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Together, we get more people to nurture the heritage and nature in our beautiful High Coast.

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